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VR/AR consulting for your company

What does XR actually stand for?

Extended Reality (XR) incorporates technologies from the areas of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. XR is therefore to be understood as an umbrella term that encompasses the entire technology cosmos of virtual worlds. The choice of the appropriate medium and the associated hardware plays an essential role in the use of Extended Reality.

XR undoubtedly offers great potential and many advantages. However, as is often the case, it is important not to rush into the new technology because “so many others are doing it too”. Instead, the first thing to do is to find out: What is really useful to me? What do I want to communicate and to whom, and which tools are best suited for this purpose?


Technologies, application scenarios, project realization

Do you want to use virtual or augmented reality in your company? In production, service, sales or marketing? But you are missing the right application concept? You lose track of the variety of technologies and you are uncertain about the success of the project?

We advise you - benefit from shape-shift XR-Consulting

Build on the many years of experience of shape-shift’s experts in dealing with virtual and augmented reality technologies. With our know-how from computer game development, we accompany you in the planning and implementation of XR applications with real added value. Through our bundled expertise, we offer you well-founded recommendations for usage concepts of immersive media in the work or customer environment and technology selection.

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MINDConsult - Our consulting service


  • Entry-level XR seminar, with hands-on / device demonstration
  • Innovation and digitalisation workshops
  • Utilization concepts and possible applications of immersive technologies
  • Market overview & product comparison: state of the art, sensible use cases, advantages, disadvantages
  • Employee training with new technologies


  • Technical planning and execution of XR projects
  • Game engine implementation and programming (Unreal Engine)
  • Technical art / performance optimization
  • Data preparation (e.g. CAD, BIM, polygon meshes)
  • Suitability of XR hardware
  • Porting to multiple platforms


  • Remote collaboration tools for e.g. design and review processes
  • Project takeover, evaluation of existing XR projects and applications
  • Hardware selection for XR laboratories


  • Creation and planning of user experiences for XR applications
  • Design of gamification elements: for increased user engagement, long-lasting impressions and measurable learning successes
  • Information processing and modularization for optimal knowledge transfer
  • Choice of the perfect medium for each kind of information

Do you have any questions about MINDconsult or would you like to make an appointment for a non-binding initial consultation? Then please use our contact form.

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