“Pflege Digital” is an interactive, web-based training application for care personnel with migration background. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Health and was carried out by the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Department media engineering, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jan A. Neuhöfer. Shape-Shift was in charge of modelling and rendering of all 3D-Assets which was done in Blender.


  • Effective combination of integration and professional development in the care sector
  • Interactive web based training for effective knowledge transfer
  • mobile and stationary use
  • customizable and multilingual (german, english, arabic, turkish)
  • Interfaculty cooperation
  • Realistic, High-Quality 3D-Models

“In order to ensure high quality care and healthcare, communication between professionals from different healthcare professions and between them and patients should be as clear as possible. Quality assurance mediation in language skills related to training, work and employment therefore plays a key role in occupational integration. […] The system should be able to be used both as a preparation for and as an accompaniment to present classes.”