Technical Planning

A virtual representation of planned AV technology in its future environment: this Mindflow add-on module helps you plan workspaces and make decisions. Interactive visualization, various devices, detailed and specific to the customer.

The AV technology in the form of ‘Smart Objects’ can be demonstrated in different configurations of, for example, displays, displays with column and LED walls. Displaying viewing distances of TV/video for different kinds of content shows, for example, which display size or LED wall is required for the respective room. The simulation of light incidence in the room allows decisions to be made about projectors and possible blinds or curtains.


  • Fully configurable display column incl. room kit
  • Sizes and viewing distances
  • Video conference - room kit on top or bottom
  • LED wall
  • Projectors
  • Daytime / daylight simulation
  • Microphones
  • Room seating
  • Parts lists and costs